Engage for Success

I went to the launch of Round 2 of Engage for Success – feedback from the task forces – at Queen Elizabeth Conference Hall yesterday.

Check out http://www.engageforsuccess.org – resources, tools, contacts, videos, etc. – all about increasing employee engagement.  David MacLeod and Nita Clarke have achieved something special.

In particular, I recommend ‘Nailing the Evidence’ – the most comprehensive attempt to link the hard and the soft metrics; suggesting the soft is not so soft with all the impact it seems to have on service, productivity, innovation, turnover, absenteeism and profit.

Mike Pounsford


The Biggest Conversation?

I was in Hanover today testing the appetite in Germany for The Big Conversation approach.  We were slightly worried because some members of the client’s leadership team had expressed concern about whether the approach would ‘land’ here.

We had groups involved in testing work in progress on the current visual – a Big Picture of the Group’s strategy.  So we talked them through the concept, the draft visual and they gave us 1 1/2 hours of feedback.

Reactions?  They loved it!  They thought it a great way of bringing strategy to life and involving teams in thinking about its implications for them.

By coincidence I ended up sitting next to one of the clients leadership team on the flight home.  I told him the reaction and he was not surprised.  He had shown some colleagues in Germany the UK version of the story and they had loved it too.  So, rest assured – the Big Picture/Big Conversation approach does travel and works in cultures where some may fear more traditional business attitudes may prevail.

Mike Pounsford